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Japan desu

So here I am in Nagoya Japan. I had an espresso late in the day so I feel perky right now even though it's pretty late (12AM). Not like I have to be anywhere especially early tomorrow.

I don't know where this will lead, but anyway, this is my first real post in a "blog." (I first scoffed at the name when I heard it). I was going to throw together my own blogging software, but I decided against it after I saw all the features livejournal had on its site that I had no time to implement myself. Also, the community aspect seems especially appealing. OK, so enough meta-blogging. Ikimashou

Tomorrow, I'm going in for an "interview" with this nihonngonokai (日本語の会) which is basically Japanese class for foreigners. Why an interview? *shrug* Maybe it's to make sure I'm not some freak whose only goal in Japan is to learn enough Japanese to hit on women (or maybe I've been reading too much Gaijinpot). Or maybe it's to gauge my Japanese level; that's the more likely scenario. I've lived in Japan before for about 3 months, so I've got the travelling (まもなく名古屋), eating/drinking (飲み放題), and basic introductions down (どうぞよろしく), but I'd like to be able to speak a bit more than that. I've got a month here while I'm waiting for my visa for China, so might as well make the most of it eh?

I just read over what I wrote and I feel dissatisfied with it. I guess I have a perfectionist attitude when it comes to some things, and it really is hard to suppress the urge to throw this whole post away and start over, but I will. Suppress it that is. I guess this attitude is the reason my conversational Chinese (my last name Li doesn't mean I can speak Chinese fluently, I had to study it dammit) is so lame. Perfectionist I would be afraid to make mistakes so I had little practice and therefore can barely put together a coherent response when forced to talk about something more than daily conversation. My listening, reading, and writing, however is way better (I think?). Anyway, now that the problem is exposed, I think it will be easier for me to supress the urge to be a perfectionist. Which seems to be going well as I have not really deleted large portions of what I have written so far.

So, you got this far, congrats. Bear with me while I try to get the hang of writing my thoughts down, but in the mean time expect a lot of nitpicky self reflection and way too much self deprecation. Don't take that to mean that I'm a pushover (wanna fight?), or that I've got low self-esteem, cause I got lots. Dammit.

WHOA, I just spell checked and "BLOG" is not a word livejournal recognizes. It also seems to not grok contractions. Weird. Hopefully after the 6apart acquisition these things will get fixed ;)
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