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To round out my Labor Holidays, I had myself a trip to Shanghai with a fellow Microsoftie. Shanghai definitely feels different than Beijing, but that's probably because we spent most of our time in the "touristy" parts of Shanghai -- 新天地 (Xintiandi), 外滩 (The Bund), 南京路 (Nanjing Shopping Street (for those counting). The main difference being architecture and a general sense of cleanliness in most of the public areas that I visited. Oh, and the lack of dust in your mouth when you forget to breathe through your nose.

I met up with uber-blogger (how do you type the umlaut?) John Pasden of Sinosplice fame. We shot the breeze at a random tiny restaurant where he chided me for my lack of Chinese manners by not finishing up a bowl of rice. Still only 3 months into my long-term China experience; I have a lot to learn.

Indeed, another lesson learned -- do not bump into someone on a dance floor and not back down when they put up a front. I was wrestled to the ground by some dude with a personal space problem right into a puddle of beer. Luckily his friends pulled him off me, otherwise he would have had a face full of fist. Actually, the more likely scenario is me with a black eye and many words of explanation owed to my coworkers the next day. That pretty much ended the night, and so I headed back to get a measly 2 hours of sleep before my flight back to Beijing (and straight back to work right from the airport -- that day sucked).

Anyway, many thanks to John for finding time amid his study-crunch to hang out. He took me and my coworker out to see Cold Fairyland (thanks msittig). Pretty cool show, although John says they kicked more ass in the last show he saw them in.

Umm, no segue -- I already used anyway, just random Shanghai pics:
小笼包子 Trashy Reflection 尼红勾 (Nihongo Smatter?)

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    Uh oh Is this how I'm going to be spending my 7 day National Holiday? Quick, someone hide my credit card.

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