June 14th, 2005


china bike + 25km/h = SCARS


Chinese bikes have internal speed limits, apparently. I was riding my hand-me-down bike on a fairly deserted stretch of asphalt on my way to work and decided to see how fast I could get it going. So, I stand up (mistake one) and pedal the hell out of the, umm, pedals (mistake two). After a few seconds the chain decided it couldn't take the strain and fell off. I lost my balance causing me to fly body-first into the handle bars which meant my next destination was the GROUND. I was going pretty fast, so I've got a few pretty nasty cuts on my hands and arms. People at work reel back in discomfort before they ask what happened...

I was kind of surprised no one came to help. There were a few people walking around, but they didn't even seem to notice. I guess if I had writhed around on the ground for a few minutes I would have gotten some reaction. I got the hell up from my self-inflicted mess, parked my bike and went to the first place I would go if I were in the US -- to the store to buy bandages which was another mistake on my part. you go to the hospital for everything in China; even for check-ups. I didn't know that so I went to the the other monopoly next door to find bandages. They only had little dinky band-aids, but the surprisingly helpful store clerks were helpful enough to offer their first aid kit to me. It must have been all the blood and pus that compelled them to help.

So they still use iodine in China which fucking hurts, but they also use this kinda interesting powder they called 云南白药 which they would rub directly into the wound. I was a bit skeptical at first, but they seemed well meaning, so I put myself in the Walmart clerk's hands. This shit also hurts, but after it was all done, it looked like I already had a scab and all the bleeding stopped. They didn't even need to put a bandage over it -- I just hope I don't get any huge scars. It looks pretty nasty and unpromsing right now.
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