January 15th, 2005



My birthday was yesterday (two days ago, now?), so I've pretty much had no time to "blog." This might be counted as a good thing since if I was blogging I wouldn't be out and about. However, this isn't so important to me.

Anyway... today I spent most of my day cleaning up my aparment from last night's bash and trying to find a DHL store in Nagoya. This seemed like an easy prospect at first until I got to the neighboorhood where the website said the office was. I looked up the building (actually I had to call my friend since I forgot), but after walking around where it _should_ have been for what seemed like hours, I came up with nothing. It was called "GE Edison" building, but no matter how hard I tried, the katakana I was reading on the buildings around the area always came up different. I even had a native Japanese speaker call up the DHL office for directions, and they couldn't even help. In the end I gave up and headed towards the Hilton hotel nearby. They provided FedEx services, so all was well. They even spoke English. In the end, it was really DHL's fault. I mean if someone calls your business for directions, they should be able to give proper advice. Even if they are not at the location you're currently at (my friend called a toll free number that was at a branch other than the one I was trying to find). Anyway, DHL lost my $35 shipment, so their bad. *humph* :)
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